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Club Philosophy
PSVC strives to provide a complete program whose principal purpose is to develop and improve the individual athlete. We are dedicated to providing our athletes with technical, physical and mental volleyball training to help them achieve their maximum performance regardless of age or current ability. This focused vision makes PSVC uniquely different from other clubs.

PSVC believes our athletes, through participation in the club, will learn valuable life lessons. Club volleyball teaches concepts like hard work, commitment, sacrifice, dedication, perseverance, work ethic and more. Many valuable life lessons significantly impacting individual success are learned playing team sports. PSVC provides serious, self motivated athletes with a well rounded coaching environment, challenging each player to develop and sharpen the skills required to excel in the sport. Our program suits a range of skill and experience levels.

PSVC players have a unique experience designed to cultivate strong volleyball skills, personal growth, fulfillment, happiness, and a lifelong love of the game. While over-training and burnout is an issue with some youth sports programs, we are dedicated to fostering a healthy attitude toward sports, and an unwavering commitment to sportsmanship. We understand that we provide a service to the players and their families, not the other way around. This principal understanding motivates us to provide you with the best possible club experience.

Developing a Volleyball Program
PSVC follows a core volleyball program. Successful volleyball players demonstrate a similar fundamental base, and we provide consistent direction on a club wide level. All coaches are instructed to teach the same core volleyball techniques and methods. Because our coaches teach the same techniques and methods, players build upon a base of fundamentals rather than re­learning new training techniques as they progress with different coaches.

The Fundamental Base
Club volleyball exists to assist the individual athlete in training and developing personal fundamentals and skills. Committing to play club volleyball is an expensive undertaking so the majority of our practice time is focused on training our athletes. The most important aspect of club volleyball is the long term growth of the individual volleyball player. College coaches recruit the best possible players, not the best teams. The natural desire to form the best, most successful team should not surpass the primary goal of strengthening each team member. While we strive for our teams to be successful, we will not compromise the individual athlete’s training. We want all of our athletes to reach their maximum performance level.

Master Coach Concept
With the master coach concept, our coach committee develops and implements the club’s practice plans. The committee is made up of coaches from 12's-18's, and ensures all of our coaches understand and follow set practice plans.  This allows the athletes to receive consistent, comprehensive training. The master coach concept allows all athletes to receive the same level of training and prevents preferential coaching methods for different skill levels.

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